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What I do & offer

Professional ​

Solutions for Education offers individualized tutoring to people of all ages struggling in phonics, reading writing, and spelling. The latest systematic methodologies that are specific to each individual learning style and needs are utilized. Continually researching the field of learning differences to come up with a vast array of techniques and experiences that help benefit all students. It is my passion to work with students who learn outside the box and share experiences from lessons learned to help every student.

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  • Free consultations

  • Assessment for services

  • Certified Barton Tutor

    • Individualized Reading, phonics, spelling and writing instruction

  • Phonemic awareness (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) 

    • Auditory Sequencing

    • Auditory Discrimination

    • Auditory Memory

  • Foundation in Sounds

  • Comprehension skills (Visualizing & Verbalizing)

  • Handwriting instruction (Handwriting Specialist)

  • Training/education seminars

  • In-service training

  • Developmental readiness assessments for Kindergartners

  • Study skills

  • Recall and the development of working memory

  • Network referrals to other professionals and services

A graduate of San Diego State University:
BA in Speech Communication
Certified Dyslexia Consultant in Barton Tutoring for Reading and Spelling Intervention
15 years Experience
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